We need to have a talk.

You deserve a comprehensive sexual health education. Connect with local organizations. Learn from a harm reduction lens. Get tested. All for Free. Register Here.

We have created a Free Sexual Health Education Summit to connect you with resources in your community.

OYEC has identified three main priorities for the year and one of them is addressing Sexual Health in Ottawa schools. Due to recent changes to the Ontario Health and Physical Education curricula, some teachers and students are unsure about receiving a comprehensive understanding of: consent, sexual orientation, gender identity, cyber-sex, and other pressing issues. We are hosting a free sexual health education summit that covers topics like consent, gender identity, and sexting to bridge the gap that youth are now facing. Register Now!

We are the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee (OYEC). OYEC is a formal partnership between the City of Ottawa and Youth Ottawa. This Committee works to provide a youth perspective to city projects and to help the cities overall youth consultation process.

Learn More about the OYEC Sexual Health Summit

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