Let's Talk About Sext Baby: a discussion on sexting, safety, sexism and the law

Facilitator(s): The Purple Sisters

Wanna learn how to sext safer? In a world where social media is always in the palm of our hands, it’s hard to catch up. Let’s talk about nudes, pics, laws, boundaries and everything in between. Presented by young women spilling the tea on safer sexting, the Purple Sisters. Let’s do it safer.

DIY Lube Workshop

Indigenous Full Spectrum Doula

Facilitator(s): Minwaashin Lodge Indigenous Doulas

Learn how to make your own lube from natural ingredients to take home with you in this fun and engaging workshop, as we look at how colonization has impacted our understanding of sex and our relationships with ourselves and others! This workshop is facilitated by Aunties on the Road, an Indigenous Full Spectrum Doula Collective, which provides sexual and reproductive health support to Indigenous youth between the ages of 12 and 30 in the Ottawa area. 

Facilitated By: Megan Francoeur (Public Health Nurse) / Mia McDonald (Nurse Practitioner)

This presentation will cover the different sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), how they can be prevented, what’s involved in testing, and how STBBIs are treated. This workshop is offered twice– in the morning and in the afternoon. 


Birth Control: Making Sense of Your Options

Facilitated By: Jennifer Vo (Public Health Nurse) / Mia McDonald (Nurse Practitioner)

This presentation will cover the different forms of contraception (birth control) available, how they work, how effective they are, and how to use them.  The pill, the patch, the ring, injectable contraception, intra-uterine system (IUS)/intra-uterine device (IUD), emergency contraception, and non-hormonal contraception will be discussed.


Let's talk about Consent

Facilitated By: Planned Parenthood Ottawa

Think you know everything there is to know about sexual consent? Think again! In this workshop, you’ll test your knowledge of consent given a variety of scenarios, and then you’ll be given practical tips for improving your consent skills for the future


Gender Identity & Healthcare

Facilitated By: SAEFTY (Kaeden Seburn and Emily Clarke)

Explore gender affirming health care and navigating health systems as a trans or nonbinary person

Sex & LGBTQ+ Youth

Facilitated By: TBD

Explore gender, sexuality, relationships, and navigating difficult systems in this LGBTQ+ focused workshop


Healthy Relationships for Self-Identifying Young Women

Facilitated By: Indigo Girls Ottawa

The focus of this workshop will be on healthy relationships (sexual and platonic) with ourselves, peers, and partners. The mission is to help women understand how they deserve to feel and be treated in their relationships. Themes will include mutual respect, peer pressure, communication, and consent.


Race, Sexuality, and Destigmatizing STD’s

Facilitated By: Lydia Collins

How do we talk about sexual health in our own communities? What does “the talk” look like in our own cultures? Looking at sexual health education through a decolonial lens, this engaging workshop will discuss some of the ways in which racism, homophobia, and HIV stigma intersect, as well as common misconceptions and myths around sexually transmitted diseases and infections. 

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